O Muslim Professional !!..
Do you know that there is a significant presence of Muslim professionals in mainstream corporate segment of our country, who are not only contributing towards the organizational goals, but are also enhancing their living standards. However, their moral, spiritual and family lives closely mirror that of an ordinary Muslim or like any other professional belonging to any other faith. The sole reason behind this situation – which is not usually considered worth addressing – is a life without higher purpose. It goes without saying that the religiosity of many Muslim professionals is very traditional, customary and ritualistic in nature, which neither add value in their private lives nor enriches them with professional excellence.
There exist many professional forums and platforms, including a few from the Muslim community as well, that are working with various objectives. However, the resourcefulness of Muslim professionals continues to remain grossly under-utilized, despite the fact that the spirit of contributing towards the welfare of mankind and becoming a national and community asset, especially in the educational, financial and professional spheres, is envisaged to be highest amongst Muslim professionals.
It is in this backdrop that a bunch of Muslim working professionals have pioneered a volunteering conglomerate under the title…
Professional Solidarity Forum (PSF) one of its kind platform ,a perfect blend of spirituality, care and upliftment of society we are living in